An Overview Of Our Services

We engage the business community in the integration of innovative technologies into the practice of business
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Assessment Services

We look at current business and marketing strategies, marketplace analysis, social media presence score to determine the best services to improve client productivity, efficiency, and revenue immediately.

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Business Document Development

Since documents provide proof of an organization’s dealings and may be referred to for years to come, it is important that they be well written. That's where we come in.

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Business Plans

Each of our expertly crafted business plan platforms will provide you and your company with the best possible navigation to build your dream company, obtain the funding you're looking for, or help you with any compliance statutes required in the U.S..

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Our coaching begins with a Strategy Session where we identify your strengths and challenges. We then set goals, discover how you might sabotage yourself and decide what support you’re looking for.

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We provide consulting services for your business, your professional life, or for anyone who wants to improve they're ranking among their peers.

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Consulting Packages

Bay Area Consulting Design offers different levels of consulting services along with mentoring and advisory programs to meet your needs both short and long term.

website design services by Bay Area Business Design

Website Design

It's one thing to talk about what we can do, it's another thing to show it. Bay Area Business Design has constantly challenged the way organizations approach digital solutions, by focusing on collaboration and innovation. Take a look at the results we’ve delivered for our clients.

digital imagery services by Bay Area Business Design

Digital Imagery

The lowdown - we use image manipulation software such as Photoshop to resize, reformat, color correct, adjust contrast, remove unwanted background, or combine features from different photographs. Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is our choice for digitally manipulating images for websites, e-Brochures, printing or archiving.

social media development services by Bay Area Business Design

Social Media Development

While web serves as the primary source for content discovery, payment details entry, on-boarding and deep browsing, mobile apps are forerunners for social transactions, repeat engagement, and intermittent, recurrent checks for notifications and updates.